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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

(V.A.) Too Gangsta For Radio (DGC Uncut Special Edition) (2xCD) (2011)

CD One: 

01‐Bad Habitz, Tha Realest ‐ My Bad Habit
02‐Dre'sta ‐ Inside Your Mind
03‐RedRum ‐ My Homies Is Hard
04‐The Relativez, Nuttz ‐ Love 4 Tha Block
05‐K‐9 ‐ Death Row Uncut
06‐Tha Realest ‐ Can't Mobb Deep
07‐2Sense, Juvenile ‐ Put Ya Hands Up
08‐Gangsta Gurl, Crooked I, Ganxta Ridd ‐ Gangsta
09‐2Pac ‐ When I Get Free
10‐Captain Save Em, C‐Bo ‐ Still Ridin
11‐Dorasel, Pretty Terry ‐ Confessions Of A Thug
12‐Gail Gotti, Virginya Slim ‐ Business Bitch
13‐L.A. Nash ‐ Death Row On Mine
14‐Top Dogg ‐ Keep It Hot
15‐Dorasel ‐ Death Row
16‐GP, L.A. Strange ‐ The Beast
17‐Death Row Records ‐ Test

CD Two: 

01‐Ashanti, Top Dogg ‐ Scarry Ass Snoop
02‐2Pac ‐ Friends
03‐Crooked I, Treach, Scarface ‐ Gangsta Rap
04‐CJ Mac ‐ I Ain't Fuck Wit Cha
05‐Above The Law ‐ Everywhere We Go
06‐Tha Realest, PB ‐ Fuck Hollywood
07‐Ja Rule, The Murderers ‐ Murda For Life
08‐Tha Realest, Swoop G, Twist, Lil C‐Style ‐ Fuck Dre
09‐2Pac, J.Valentine ‐ Thug Nature
10‐Crooked I ‐ Death Rizzo
11‐K‐9 ‐ Gangsta'd Out
12‐Dre'sta, Jewell ‐ Give It Up For Compton
13‐Mac Shawn ‐ Real Type Gangsta
14‐GP ‐ The Coff
15‐The Relativez, Nuttz ‐ This Is The Thanks You Get
16‐Dre'sta, Young Hoodz, Val Young ‐ Too Gangsta
17‐The Relativez, Nuttz ‐ Love 4 The Block (Break Bread Remix)

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